Family Portrait Photography Studio

Dundee’s newest family portrait photography studio is a state of the art creative space, where we provide a mix of fun & contemporary family photography. We specialise in everything from stunning generational family photographs, child photography, to pet photography in either the studio or an outdoor location.

I wanted to open a unique space here in Dundee that offers a unique personal family portrait experience. An experience that creates a series of timeless photographs with a real emotional attachment based on your story and your unique memories. These are truly bespoke, beautifully lit photographs that will take pride of place in your home.

family portrait photography studio

Dundee Family Photographer

Your family portrait is created by your own unique personal experiences. We’ll chat about the memories special to you and how the family dynamics are formed and developed. We take you back to moments that really mean everything to you and recreate something you’ll have a real emotional attachment to.

It might be how the kids interact, or the way your other half looks at you, that makes you warm inside and melts your heart. It may even be how goofy you all are which only happens when you’re all together, or a portrait of the other favourite members of your family.

Pet photograph of 2 black Labradors

Pet Photography Dundee

Only you will know this and it’s my job to get that information from you and create a photograph that takes you back to that moment, every time you look at it. That’s what makes the whole experience unique and unforgettable, which is what a family or child photograph should be.

black and white photo of dad and newborn baby

Dundee Family Portrait Photographer

family portrait photography studio

Family Portrait Photographer Dundee

fine art portrait photography studio

Dundee Family Portrait Photograper

Twins-family portrait photography studio

Family Portrait Photographer Dundee

black and white photograph of toddler

Dundee Family Portrait Photographer

fine art portrait photography studio

Dundee Family Portrait Photograper

Having a family photograph with all your generations together is something to treasure forever, and here at Dundee family portrait photography studio, it’s one of the things we do very well. The largest family group we’ve had in one photo so far is 15 and we have room for a lot more if required.

grandparents studio photograph dundee

Family Portrait Photography Dundee

black and white photo of pregnant mum with family

Family Portrait Photography Studio Dundee

Wall Galleries, Albums, USB’s and Prints:

I take as much pride in the Italian handmade wall art galleries and printed photography books as I do in the planning aspect and the actual photography. I wanted to source the best photography printed materials and painfully researched companies that use state of the art printing and offer a choice of materials on which to print your chosen family photographs.

I am a huge lover of print and believe the family or wedding photographs that are important to you should be placed in the home where they can be seen every day and take you back to a special moment.

Premium Acrylic Photography Galleries

Premium Italian Acrylic Wall Art Photo Galleries

Wall Art Photography Galleries

Handmade Italian Photography Galleries

Canvas Wall Art-Dundee Photography Studio

Italian Handmade Canvas Wraps

USB & Print Box

Handmade USB & Print Box

Also available are beautiful Italian handmade mats with state of the print display boxes. These hold up to 20 photographs and with the removable lid, give you an eternal ever-changing picture display. Made from solid wood, Italian luxury leather or leatherette, these handmade boxes are a stunning and luxurious way to have your favourite family photographs.

Italian hand made photo print boxes

Italian Hand Made Matted Print Box

I print onto the best papers, from metallic photo paper to a beautifully handcrafted Amalfi fine art paper, which is 100% archival. This paper has been handmade by the same family for over 400 years and is truly special. This exclusive paper is used in our stunning handmade Favola photo albums and our new Bespoke Amalfi Wall Panels.

This spectacular wall art is a beautiful fusion of traditional and modern techniques, consisting of state of the art printing on traditional Amalfi Paper, placed onto a back panel with a choice of materials and colours to match your home.

Handmade Italian Amalfi Paper

Handmade Italian Photography Paper

Handmade Italian Wall Art

Bespoke Amalfi Paper Wall Art

I also specialise in Fine Art Portraits. These are carefully thought out photography sessions, which are arty, creative ways of showing a side of a loved one that goes beyond the family photograph experience. These photographs are true works of art and deserve to be a centerpiece in your home. To see my Fine Art photography work click here.

You can find my Wedding and Commercial Photography on the Chris Scott Photography Website by clicking here. 

If you have a special family occasion, you’d like to update your current family photograph or you would like to have your first family portrait experience, please contact me on the contact page by clicking here or you can call me at the studio on 01382 767667 

You can also purchase a family member, friend, or colleague with the ultimate gift that will bring a lifetime of joy. If you’d like to purchase one of our gift certificates, just click on the link here 

Dundee Family Photography Gift Voucher

Family Photography Gift Voucher

Reviews for Dundee Photographer Chris Scott Photography have been excellent.

    “From start to finish Chris has been a pleasure to work with, unbelievable attention to detail. Helpful, informative and enthusiastic”

“Book him! So hard to put into words how delighted we were/are with Chris”

“Put your trust in Chris Scott – his photography has that magical ‘heart’ factor – he’s warm, personable, respectful, and great fun”

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