Fashion and Beauty Photography right here in Dundee.

I am delighted to offer Fashion and Beauty Photography right here in our city. Dundee is a city of design and we are lucky to have some fantastic innovators of fashion and beauty right here on our doorstep. Dundee Photography Studio is a creative hub offering fashion designers, magazine editors and PR companies a local space to create high quality images without the need to travel to London, Edinburgh, or Glasgow.

Fashion and Beauty photography covers a lot of genres. I have extensive experience of shooting for the hair and make-up, fashion and jewellery industry. I can offer a choice of professional models, hair and make-up specialists as well as organising a set designer for your photography project and can arrange your entire creative shoot under one roof.

If you are a designer or a creative with an established team and are just looking for the right creative space, Dundee Photography Studio is available to lease.

Our state of the art photography studio offers a large shooting area where design sets can be built, creative lighting applied and photographed with the latest in camera technology.

It boasts a large shooting area, with a custom built multi backdrop system, which holds 2 x 12ft white vinyl and black paper backdrops and 2 x 9ft wide paper backdrops in grey and purple colours. This can be swapped for a green backdrop should you require a green screen backdrop for photography or video work.

There are also a range of muslin and three stunning 30-year-old hand painted canvas backdrops, available on a separate shooting wall.

Our studio lighting is the best in the business, and is supplied by Profoto with a mix of three Profoto D2’s and two brand new Profoto B1X’s, with a choice of 13 Profoto modifiers and a choice of accessories, reflectors and V flats.

With all of this right under one roof, you’ll have no problems creating the perfect look for your beauty and fashion shoot, here at Dundee Photography Studio

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