Professional Headshots

Dundee Photography Studio is proud to offer professional headshots in Dundee and all-around Scotland.

Following the principles of the world’s best headshot photographers, I provide headshot sessions with a difference, that will speak volumes about you and your unique personality.

Your headshot is potentially the first time an employer, client, or casting director will see your face. What does yours say about you? Does it represent you, does it represent how you want to be seen and more importantly, is it an up to date image of you?

Portrait-photography-studio-High key company headshot

Business Headshot Photography Dundee Scotland

Like anything in this life, you get what you pay for. As a professional photographer my clients who know me, know what to expect – be it images of a new product or indeed a company headshot that needs updating -all my photography projects get the same attention and focus that they deserve.

My headshots are modern, creative, well-lit and professional, but most importantly they show off the real you. Actor Headshots are one of the most important aspects of headshot photography and that first impression can mean the difference between getting in front of that casting director or not. This is an area I really excel in and love interacting with my acting headshot clients. It could be a certain look that gets you the part and I’ll ensure you have a full arsenal of useable images, that will give you every opportunity of getting that all-important audition.

Portrait Photography Studio-Actor Headshots Dundee

Actor Professional Headshot Photographer Dundee Scotland

I offer two headshot options, the first is a 30-minute appointment session at the studio for actors, self-employed, writers, or for anyone who needs a headshot. These sessions offer a choice of different backdrops available at the studio, from plain black and white to the more mottled hand painted canvas backgrounds.

Portrait Photography Studio – Corporate headshot portrait

Corporate Headshot Photographer Dundee Scotland

The second option offers a corporate and commercial location shoot at your business premises. All I need is a small office or area to set up. This minimises the impact on your day to day operations, keeps everyone onsite and ensures that the time allocated, fits around your employees and their working day.

Portrait Photography Studio-Business Manager Headshot Dundee

Professional Headshot Photographer Scotland

You can choose to have your entire workforce headshots or just the key business staff members photographed. Location shoots are offered as a two-hour service, half day (four hours) or a full day (six hours) at your place of work. A choice of beautiful hand painted canvas backgrounds in different colours, will help to create a classic headshot look.

I use a fantastic lighting setup which creates a consistent look, which is especially important if a staff member should be unavailable and might require to reschedule of a photography session at another time.

Portrait Photography Studio–Corporate Headshot White Background Dundee

Headshot Photography Scotland

Post editing services include a “meet the team” collage as well as individually edited images.

Another option is a corporate lifestyle portrait onsite which can be shot in your office environment. This will produce a stunning portrait with a stock image corporate look. I understand your headshot must represent you and a backdrop is not always the way to achieve this.

If you have a requirement for individual headshots or a company-wide headshot solution, please phone Dundee Photography Studio on 01382 767667 or contact me via the website contact page on here or my other website.